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Bond Girl Swimsuit

I recently decided two things.  1 – I wanted to attempt working with knits, and 2 – I needed a new swimsuit.  As part of my learning new techniques, I figured why not combine the two and make myself a swimsuit. I love a good retro styled swimsuit – the only problem?  There are very…

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Swimsuit Season

I can’t believe it’s almost swimsuit season again.  Even if it’s not time to wear one, it’s certainly time to go shop for one.  Now, I don’t look like a swimsuit model, but even if I did I love retro styles too much to want your average triangle top bikini.  Now, that’s not to say…

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Neutral colors have no distinctive quality, characteristics, or type. They can be achromatic, with no hue at all, like black, white and greys or they can be dull colors that harmonize with most other colours, such as tan, brown, or navy.  You can check out more images in neutrals by visiting my Neutral Pinboard.

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