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Small Finishes

hot pad

This last week has been a week of small finishes. It has been nice to have several small completed projects. I made myself a couple of hotpads with left over blocks from my the quilt I made my mom for … Continue reading

My First Woven Tee

wool scout tee

I recently picked up a copy of the Scout Tee pattern from Grainline Studio and made my first woven tee. I love how simple it was to put together, even if I did make my version more complicated by picking … Continue reading

Missoni Knit Tee

missoni knit tee

I had plenty of left over fabric from my Missoni Maxi Dress, so I decided to use the left over fabric in an experiment.  I wanted to take my Kitschy Coo Skater Dress pattern and see if I could make … Continue reading

Fashion Friday – Geek Chic


Going though my old Fashion Friday posts, I’ve noticed that I’m wearing a dress or a skirt in almost all of them.  Now, I do love a good dress, but I don’t always dress up.  I think it’s about time you see … Continue reading

Shopping Spree


Every year my mom and I go shopping for my birthday.  This year was no different, even if we did have to do it about a month after my actual birthday.  – Working on Kayla’s wedding, and life in general … Continue reading