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Toy Organization Essentials for Tiny Humans

One thing I have discovered about tiny humans is that they love to get all the things out, but not put things back up.  Mildred is a great example of this.  She will be playing with a toy, and then become distracted by another, and another, leaving a trail of toys in her wake. That…

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Kitty found a new Toy

Well, our kitten “Mouse” found a new toy yesterday.  It was really quite entertaining.  I’d missed an easter egg when I had put up all of the decorations this spring, so I’d just left it next to my desk, where it had fallen. Kitty moved it, so we added some old corn out of Matt’s…

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Cat named Mouse

The cat now has a name, her name is mouse.  Yea, mouse!  Mouse has been very entertaining this morning.  She stayed in the basement last night, because Vicky convinced Bob that she needed to live inside.  Vicky is awesome like that, and Bob is awesome for letting her live inside. She’s quite happy inside.  Even…

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