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#Project52 – My Favorite

I’m not as good at singing as Julie Andrews, but that doesn’t mean I don’t have a few things in life that I absolutely love. Aside from the obvious things like my husband and chocolate, my list generally includes fluffy kittens, ridiculous selfies, and pretty books. What are a few of your favorite things?

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Kitty found a new Toy

Well, our kitten “Mouse” found a new toy yesterday.  It was really quite entertaining.  I’d missed an easter egg when I had put up all of the decorations this spring, so I’d just left it next to my desk, where it had fallen. Kitty moved it, so we added some old corn out of Matt’s…

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Cat named Mouse

The cat now has a name, her name is mouse.  Yea, mouse!  Mouse has been very entertaining this morning.  She stayed in the basement last night, because Vicky convinced Bob that she needed to live inside.  Vicky is awesome like that, and Bob is awesome for letting her live inside. She’s quite happy inside.  Even…

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Kitty and Mouse

Kitty enjoys a lot of things, especially eating my shoes and playing with the mouse that lives in the pocket of my purse.  She was quite entertaining.

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Up Early with New Kitty

The new cat was up early this morning.  Not that I was the one to notice.  Matt was heading to work around 6, as usual, and the kitten was very upset.  Matt came and got me up, wanting to know what to do, let her out of course.

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