The Communique Layout

Popularized by Rhonda Dort, who uses the layout in her classes, the Communique Quilt Layout works for both featuring large fabric and panel pieces, as well as a basis for multiple block designs.

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Welcome to Mouse in My Pocket! I'm Andrea, a web developer living in rural America with her husband and daughter. I'm excited to share my life with you as I explore some of the great things about living in the middle of nowhere.  Be sure to check out the blog below to see a few of the things that are speaking to me right now.


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Cinamoroll Stuffed Animal

Temu Shopping Pros & Cons

By Andrea | December 7, 2023

After hearing friends and family talk about ordering from Temu over the last year or so, I finally broke down and tried Temu.  And since there is still a lot of argument over whether using Temu is good or bad, I thought I would share my experience. So far, my experience with shopping Temu has…

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ghost story by Jim Butcher audiobook cover

Bookish Questions – What is your favorite genre?

By Andrea | June 15, 2023

I love reading most genres of books, and as a mood reader, the genre I prefer changes from time to time.  Right now, I find myself mostly reading Urban Fantasy. I’m currently making my way thru the audio editions of Jim Butcher’s The Dresden Files.  I love listening to James Marsters as the narrator.  He…

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squeegee painting in viva magenta, teal, gray, green, and yellow

Playing with New Art Techniques

By Andrea | May 31, 2023

I’ve been playing with some new painting techniques lately.  The most interesting so far has been squeegee painting.  It’s really a pretty simple process.  You add drops of paint to your art surface, then use a squeegee, or scraper to drag the paint across the page.  It’s quite interesting to see how the paint interacts…

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digital pattern created in procreate that features both tigers and tiger lilies

Learning Procreate

By Andrea | March 13, 2023

I recently decided to try learning to use Procreate, a digital illustration app. It’s something I’ve been interested in doing for a long time, but haven’t done because Procreate is only available for the Apple iPad.  I don’t own one, and didn’t want to invest in one if it wasn’t something that I would really…

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watercolor roses, petals, and leaves painted on watercolor paper

Making Patterns

By Andrea | February 15, 2023

I’ve recently been working on a new skill – seamless patterns using watercolors.  I’ve created seamless patterns in the past, but always worked completely digitally.  Thanks to a fun Skillshare class by @CatCoq, I’ve learned how to make seamless patterns from my traditional artwork. It was a really fun process.  I learned how to divide…

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valentine hearts watercolor in pinks, red, and gold

Snow Day Art Projects

By Andrea | February 1, 2023

Thanks to an ice storm, Mil & I had a day off yesterday. Or more specifically, Mil had a day off and I had a remote work day.  Remote work days are a little hard when you’re home alone with a 5-year-old. She really wanted me to play with her, and had a difficult understanding…

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society6 store screenshot

Art Prints on Society 6

By Andrea | January 27, 2023

A little while back, I decided to set up a webstore on Society 6.  The store allows me to create and sell prints of my work directly to customers online.  Right now, the store consists of a few pieces of my traditional art, along with a couple digital designs as well.  I’ve even chosen to…

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pineapple quilt detail.

Pineapple Quilt

By Andrea | January 26, 2023

Thanks to the massive basement cleanup, I’m back to sewing when I have the time.  My 1st completed project is a pineapple quilt that I purchased fabrics for several years ago.  It’s based on a mini quilt by Lori over at Crossquilt, which I fell in love with when she shared her project in 2015.…

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basement play area

Basement Clean Up

By Andrea | January 24, 2023

My sewing space is down in my basement and over the last few years, it had become a hot mess.  I couldn’t do any sewing at all, because there were boxes of junk and in all the empty space, and my sewing table was covered in Mil’s craft projects.  So, I spent all I did…

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honeycomb mood tracker

More Mood Trackers

By Andrea | September 26, 2022

I’ve not been doing a good job keeping up with my blogging, but I do actively keep up with my journaling. And I’ve found that the journaling fulfills a lot of the needs that I was previously meeting by constantly updating my journal without the dopamine addiction to comments and interactions. That being said, I…

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3 Blocks Away

By Andrea | September 14, 2022

So proud of myself.  I’ve actually been making progress on my spooky crazy quilt!  I’m down to needing to complete the sewing of just 3 blocks.  Of course, I’ll still have some embroidery work to do between the blocks, plus basting, quilting, and binding, but I MIGHT actually be able to get this quilt done…

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10 on the 10th

10 on the 10th – March

By Andrea | March 16, 2022

Thanks to the lovely Daenel over at Living Outside the Stacks, I’ve discovered one of those fun old-school Blog Questionnaires. And I’m super excited to participate. This one is called 10 on the 10th, and is a list of 10 questions that we can answer to tell you more about ourselves each month.  It’s hosted…

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