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TEMU logoAfter hearing friends and family talk about ordering from Temu over the last year or so, I finally broke down and tried Temu.  And since there is still a lot of argument over whether using Temu is good or bad, I thought I would share my experience.

So far, my experience with shopping Temu has been a good one.  I've been happy with the products I have received, and have even gotten some free products through Temu's app games "Fishland" and "Farmland."

The most useful part of shopping Temu has been finding products that are difficult for me to source elsewhere.  My tiny human is really into Cinnamoroll, the Sanrio character right now, and while I have been able to find some Cinnamoroll products in the US, they tend to be very expensive and few.  Temu, being based in Asia, has tons of products with the cute little puppy that my child insists is a rabbit.

Mee MeowsAnother thing that Mil is really into right now are the Aphmau MeeMeows.  They are cute little stuffed cats that come in blind boxes.  Her goal is to get all of the current collection, but with some of them being rare, I knew we would get tons of repeats before we got the full set - and at almost $10 each, that didn't sound great.  In comes Temu, where you can get the MeeMeows direct from the factory, which means you can select the ones you want.  So, I'm working with Santa to make sure that Mil gets the rest of the MeeMeows she doesn't have for Christmas.

And I've even bought a few things for myself - a game or two that I got for about half the in-store price, and some new PJs.


  • Products at a discounted price.
  • Ability to find products you can't find elsewhere
  • Free Products - there are games in the app that allow you to get free product, though it does take a while to get that product.


  • Slower shipping time (around 2 weeks)
  • The app does not play nice with all smart phones.  I've seen it cause issues with the latest iPhone, even making the screen not work.
  • Potential loss of data - I keep hearing that they track you, but have seen no hard evidence as yet.

Overall, for me, shopping Temu has been a good experience, particularly with items that I have difficulty finding elsewhere, or in saving money on items I might normally purchase at the big box stores, but it won't stop me shopping local and supporting small businesses when I can.

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