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A little while back, I decided to set up a webstore on Society 6.  The store allows me to create and sell prints of my work directly to customers online.  Right now, the store consists of a few pieces of my traditional art, along with a couple digital designs as well.  I've even chosen to include a couple of the process art pieces that Mil and I created together.

Mixed Media Art Prints

Summer Flower is a mixed media piece featuring watercolor, ink, and acrylic, which - I hope - evokes the feeling of summer sunshine.

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Nighttime Botanical is a mixed media piece featuring a color palette inspired by the night sky, with gold accents.  The piece was made using watercolor, ink, acrylic, and collage.

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Made with watercolor, ink, and acrylic, Sunrise Flower is a mixed media piece featuring a deep purple flower against the sunrise colors of pink, red, and orange.

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Digital Art Prints

My Space series is a collection of 12 prints featuring bright colors and a galactic theme.  The designs are also available in black and white.

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Process Art Prints

Maelstrom is a process art piece that Mil and I made together.  It features "goth glue" and a watercolors.

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Sunrise Over the Ocean is a process art piece that Mil & I worked on together, using liquid watercolor and gold acrylic.

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I'd love it if you took a moment to visit my shop and look at the products.

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