Playing with New Art Techniques

squeegee painting in viva magenta, teal, gray, green, and yellow

I’ve been playing with some new painting techniques lately.  The most interesting so far has been squeegee painting.  It’s really a pretty simple process.  You add drops of paint to your art surface, then use a squeegee, or scraper to drag the paint across the page.  It’s quite interesting to see how the paint interacts…

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Snow Day Art Projects

valentine hearts watercolor in pinks, red, and gold

Thanks to an ice storm, Mil & I had a day off yesterday. Or more specifically, Mil had a day off and I had a remote work day.  Remote work days are a little hard when you’re home alone with a 5-year-old. She really wanted me to play with her, and had a difficult understanding…

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Art Prints on Society 6

society6 store screenshot

A little while back, I decided to set up a webstore on Society 6.  The store allows me to create and sell prints of my work directly to customers online.  Right now, the store consists of a few pieces of my traditional art, along with a couple digital designs as well.  I’ve even chosen to…

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Valentine Crafts with Milli

Heart art

With Valentine’s Day approaching there are hearts everywhere at our house – from the (no longer a Christmas) tree to the crafts.  We’re decorating everything in pinks and reds, and covering all the surfaces in hearts of all sizes. Hearts have even taken over our craft space with stickers, doilies, and a variety of other…

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Art with Milli

I discovered a great artist a while back named Andrea Nelson.  She does lots of bright colorful animal illustrations.  But more recently, she’s started sharing some great process art projects to do with kids. Mil and I are loving making these projects together.  And, I’m enjoying seeing how different our projects look side by side.…

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Robberts and Stockburger at Dunn Art Gallery

With the start of a new semester on campus, there is a new show in the Dunn Art Gallery.  This show, running from January 11th until February 26th, 2016 features the drawings, paintings, and frescoes of Fred Robberts and Jason Stockburger. I think my favorite piece in the show is the image of St. Anthony…

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Bowden Exhibit at Dunn Art Gallery

One of my favorite jobs at work is taking photos of the exhibits at the Dunn Art Gallery.  The current exhibit is by artists Gene and Bill Bowden.  The interesting thing about exhibits with multiple artists, like this one, is how the different artists’ artwork interacts. Bill Bowden’s exhibits focus on pottery, but also include…

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Letterpress Art

A while back, I came into possession of a collection of old letterpress blocks from an old local print shop. I have a few of them into my table made from a letterpress tray, but that left a very large number of unused blocks. So I decided to take a few of those blocks and…

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Friday Favorites – Art for All

I love art! It’s something that can can become part of you, just by hanging out on your wall. Whether you can afford original art, or have some prints hanging out on your wall, art is one of the best ways to express yourself in your home or office. I spend most of my time…

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