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I love art! It’s something that can can become part of you, just by hanging out on your wall. Whether you can afford original art, or have some prints hanging out on your wall, art is one of the best ways to express yourself in your home or office.

pollock, dali, klimt

I spend most of my time at work staring at lines of code, programming the University’s website, so the wall in front of my desk is covered with fun and flowing art prints by Pollock, Dali and Klimt, while the wall behind me shows my love for my favorite vigilante, Batman.


At home, I also have a wide array of artwork, some hanging on walls, others nestled into my bookshelves. In my living room, above my couch, I have a print of my favorite artwork of all time, Nighthawks by Edward Hopper. There is just something about Hopper’s lonely colors that speaks to me.


Of course, traditional work by famous artists, aren’t the only bits of art in my life. I also have pottery by local artisans, and have my eye on some prints by another local artist, Sarah Wolfe.

Heart9 by Sarah Wolfe

I also give art as gifts. I’ve given quite a few pieces with Cari Dantini’s work to my mother, including a quilt I made with one of her fabric lines, and some of her prints.

folk painting of girl and bird by Cori Dantini

What type of art do you like best? Do you have a favorite artist?


  1. anna in spain on March 13, 2015 at 8:46 am

    “Nighthawks” is one of my favourites. Reminds me of the little rural town where I grew up, there were always people hanging out at the 24hr diner.

    I do love the Impressionists, probably because that’s what my world looks like when I take my glasses off! Also Seurat’s pointilism.

    PS: I got some special printer paper to make transfers. Away we go! 😉

    • Andrea on March 13, 2015 at 10:53 am

      Yea! I’m sure the transfers will work great.

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