Robberts and Stockburger at Dunn Art Gallery

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With the start of a new semester on campus, there is a new show in the Dunn Art Gallery.  This show, running from January 11th until February 26th, 2016 features the drawings, paintings, and frescoes of Fred Robberts and Jason Stockburger.

Robberts and Stockburger exhibit

robberts and stockburger exhibit

I think my favorite piece in the show is the image of St. Anthony and baby Jesus by Stockburger.  It reminds me of a vintage religious icon, or an illuminated manuscript.

stockburger's st. anthony

Though, I also found several of Robbert’s works to be intriguing, particularly his pieces of wood.

Robberts' earth, wind, fire

Have you ever been to an art gallery?  Do you have a certain type of gallery show that you prefer? Maybe it’s a one artist show, or a curated collection. Perhaps you like a certain style of art, or a particular medium. I’d love to know.


  1. anna in spain on January 27, 2016 at 12:31 pm

    I’ve been to Madrid’s Prado Museum, and a lot of provincial Spanish art museums (which honestly weren’t up to much beyond a lot of dark–as in over-varnished and poorly preserved– religious art) and to a couple of local art galleries that were featuring special non-sale exhibitions (mostly photographic works). As a child in Iowa I used to be taken periodically to the Art Centre in Des Moines. I’d stand for as long as I was allowed in front of a life-size (or larger?) portrait of a gentleman, attributed to Goya. My husband went there when we were married, took one look and said, “No, it’s not a Goya. It’s not even “in the style of.” I have since been to the Goya house/museum and he’s right, it isn’t. Goya could never have painted that terrible pair of hands in his life!

    It was interesting to see the chronological exposition in the Goya house. You could see the growing disturbance. It is now believed it was caused because he was treated for syphilis with mercury-based unguents.

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