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I've not been doing a good job keeping up with my blogging, but I do actively keep up with my journaling. And I've found that the journaling fulfills a lot of the needs that I was previously meeting by constantly updating my journal without the dopamine addiction to comments and interactions. That being said, I do still like doing the blogging.  I'm just not making it the priority I once was.

But I do want to share some more of my mood trackers with you.  I've done some fun designs over the last few months.

A cloud mood tracker filling my imagination.
A honeycomb mood tracker for lazy summer days.
A pencil mood tracker for the start of the school year.

I love the feeling of creating something new and beautiful - something artistic to go with my written words, and these mood trackers do that for me.  Do you journal?  Or have another way you scratch that creative itch?


  1. anna on September 27, 2022 at 6:20 am

    I used to try to journal without success. I would catch myself writing as if someone were going to read it in the future, and being dishonest with myself. Since 2020, I haven’t been tutoring or anything, but that’s going to change in October, with any luck.
    After 30 years of silence, I have regained contact with one family member, my favourite brother. For the past year we have sent each other fragmentary emails–no greeting/closing, just thoughts. It has helped us both work through some of the old traumas and just sharing our thoughts the way we did long ago. We share many of the same tastes, laugh at the same things, and I have learned so much. He’s 18 years older than myself, so he has a much better understanding of what was really going on when I was just a kid. I remember something and then he remembers something and putting them together makes things much clearer for both of us. I guess you could say we “journal” together.

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