Pineapple Quilt

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Thanks to the massive basement cleanup, I'm back to sewing when I have the time.  My 1st completed project is a pineapple quilt that I purchased fabrics for several years ago.  It's based on a mini quilt by Lori over at Crossquilt, which I fell in love with when she shared her project in 2015.

For my project, I decided to go larger, making the squares on my pineapple 8" each, and giving me a finished lap quilt measuring 40x60".

Another thing that I changes, was that I chose to use scraps of the fabric from the front to create the back of the quilt, including all the offcuts from the half-square-triangles.

I'm very happy with how the quilt came out, since I wasn't working from any real pattern, and I had to improvise with the front of the quilt to have enough of the background fabric in the right sizes (a problem with a quilt project that I got fabric for years ago).  I can only hope that my next quilting project goes as smoothly.

pineapple quilt detail.

What have you been sewing up lately?

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