Blowing off steam… & Blowing up Produce

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Last night was awesome!!!!!  Went out to the fairgrounds and visited with all of the usual suspects (Derek, John, Mark, Sam, Charlie, Dave and my husband).  We hung out during the Back to School rides, had some pork chops and blew up some produce.

We blew up 2 watermelons and a zucchini last night.  The watermelons have much bigger explosions, but the succhini hangs in the air longer.

We blew everything up at the horse arena, so we wouldn’t have to clean the spray off of anything.  I took the videos from the announcers stand, so I wouldn’t have to worry about the camera.  That’s not exactly what happened.  The camera was just fine, but I still got pegged in the head by the first watermelon.

Honestly, it might have been really funny if I had hurt the camera.  Wouldn’t you love to read that insurance form… Lens was destroyed when it was hit with a piece of flaming zucchini shrapnel.

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