Grama Ruby

In honor of what would have been my grama Ruby’s 90th birthday (September 6th) this year, today’s thought is something that my grama always liked to say.

This too shall pass.

Of course, she was not the first person to say this,  it is referenced in the Bible in 1 Corinthians, from a story of King Solomon.

And so finally after many more months of work, all the sages came back to him, and they had come to a unanimous conclusion that the wisdom of the world could be put into a four-word sentence. They told the king that this sentence expresses much. It is chastening in the hour of pride and consoling in the depths of afflictions. … The sentence of their wisdom was: “This too shall pass.”

I miss my grama a lot, but this year, she got to spend her birthday with Jesus, and I’m sure that he’s much better company than I am.


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