Matt Bought a Tractor

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My husband Matt bought a tractor! That’s right, a whole tractor — well I guess you can’t often buy half a tractor… but this was a tractor and a plow! I know it’s not a new one from a company like Fastline tractors but to us, it’s brand new! And buying used isn’t a bad thing at all – there are many machines that still have plenty of life in them yet! If you’re in Australia looking for used tractors for sale wa, have a look at Boekeman Machinery – they look like they have a massive range to choose from. Our tractor is a John Deere MT with 2 bottom plow. I don’t know a whole lot about the thing, but I thought I’d post some photos of his new rig, and hopefully, he can tell you all about the tractor sometime in the next few days — or at least by the weekend. He has parent-teacher conferences and a field trip to National Convention this week.

Getting a tractor for some people can be a fun experience, but it’s not always fun for some people. People actually need to use tractors to help them with work. For example, the most obvious one being farmers. Keeping a tractor in good condition can also be a tough thing, for starters you might need something like these 5.50 16 tractor tires or a new tank. Doesn’t matter what you use it for though, as long as it works.

But enough about that… now the tractor!

There's Matt & Dave taking a look at the tractor after they got it home from Boonville.

It's not a bad looking tractor for still being in it's working clothes (read- not restored).

It came with it's own plow!

It also came with plenty of rust in the gas tank.

Matt got to spend a little time fiddling with the works.

... and getting in the way, when I was trying to take pictures

Once Matt moved, I got some nice closeups of the tractor

because if Matt ever get's the thing restored, it will be nice to have photos of where it started.

I even made sure to take photos of all of the decals

On a side note, has anyone else noticed that my husband is always bringing home oddities (myself included)? I mean the British tractor isn't any more normal than his tricycle tractor... and we all know that compared to him, I'm really weird.

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