A Girl and a Gun

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I took a little time out to watch some trailers for upcoming movies the other day, and found one for a documentary that should be coming out soon. The title? A Girl and a Gun. My husband and I both own guns, we even have conceal and carry permits (https://gunlawsuits.org/gun-laws/montana/concealed-carry/) though I have not had much reason to need it other than taking my gun back and forth to go target practice. However that is still a very valid reason to have one, the last thing I want is to be stopped by the police and they find I don’t have my permit, then it’s bye-bye guns. On a side note relating to that, I’ve recently been tempted into getting something from the outdoor empire concealed vest picks. Just because we haven’t needed to use our guns in a conflict thus far, that doesn’t mean to say that this will never happen. Possessing a gun and being a responsible owner means that you should never draw it on someone unprovoked – we will only use ours defensively. If this is something that interests you, you may want to check out this Buyer’s Guide for Pocket Pistols so that you too can be prepared when you need to protect yourself and your family.

Video – wherein I shoot a .357

I’m not big on documentaries that aren’t full of amazing CGI dinosaurs, but after watching the trailer, I’d actually like to see this documentary when it comes out.

Watch the trailer for yourself.

Is this a documentary you would watch? How to you feel about guns and gun ownership, particularly among women?

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