Project 52 – Who are you?

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It’s the 1st week of Project 52, a weekly photography project thought up by the lovely ladies over at Everyday Eyecandy and Lipgloss and Binky.  I first heard about Project 52 from the lovely Natasha over at Houseful of Nicholes – it seems like I’m always stealing her blog ideas.


Lucky for me she hasn’t seemed to mind too much yet, because I really need to improve my photography and the goal of Project 52 is just that. I have a nice camera and I love to take photos, but at some point my photography skills just plateaued.  I’m hoping that following along with #OurProject52 will help me to become a better photographer.

#OurProject52 Week 1

So the first photo prompt- Who am I?  Good question. I’m not always sure myself. I’m the almost 30 year old wife of a farmer living in small town America. I make my living as the webmaster at a small private university. But that’s just biography.

As a creative person, I find that both my mind and my desk are always cluttered, but that’s how I seem to work the best. I spend my spare time hanging out with my cat, pretending to write a blog worth reading, and trying to be creative any way I know how. I have a love for skills of the past, like quilting and canning my own food.

My anxiety keeps me from participating in life as much as I would like, but I’m working on it. And, call me an escapist, but I’m always amazed how much reading a good book can calm you down.

When I do get up the nerve to go and do things, I always enjoy myself, especially if I’m working with the local theatre company or improv troupe. I also try to be involved with some of the things my husband is involved in, like farm bureau or helping out at the local fair.

That’s who I am. Who are you?

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