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Caturday with Bonnie


Bonnie is our cat.  She’s a pretty exciting cat, so for something fun, I thought I would write down a few of her adventures.  First you should know that I’m pretty sure she thinks she is a dog, because she follows people around everywhere. Bonnie came to live with Matt and I last summer along…

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Howling Moon

There are nights when the wolves are silent and only the moon howls.  Last night was one of those nights.  I got home from my full day of work, photo shoots, and rehearsal; and wanted to make some updates to one of the websites I host.  Enter the WordPress 3.0 update.  It’s a nice quick…

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Photo Shoot in a Dress

Never wear a dress to a photo shoot.  That was the first lesson I learned today.  It was a cute dress, and I looked nice at work, but man…. I should have made time to go home and change between events.  Wearing a dress makes it very difficult to crawl around for floor level shots.…

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How Does Your Garden Grow?

Mary, Mary quite contrary, how does your garden grow?  With silver bells and cockle shells and pretty maids all in a row?  Good for you, Mary.  Mine grows like a jungle. Matt & I finally put some cattle panel up in the garden last night.  Our cucumbers were taking over our lettuce.  Of course, even…

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Looong Weekend

This weekend was very busy.  The Gibson County Antique Machinery Show was this weekend, as well as the first set construction for Gibson County Theatre Company’s production of The Sound of Music.  Saturday was particularly busy for me. I has a meeting at the house with a client at 9AM.  I am currently working on a…

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Blocking The Sound Of Music

Of course, I mean blocking in the theatrical sense.  We are still working on blocking scenes for the upcoming Gibson County Theatre Company production of The Sound of Music.  Though, “we” really has nothing to do with me in this case, I’m not even in the play, but I’ve been to every rehearsal so far. …

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Coloring in the Theatre

My Graffiti

We had rehearsals for Gibson County Theatre Company’s production of The Sound of Music last night.  The rehearsal went well.  It was the first night of blocking, and a total of 5 scenes were blocked by the end of the night.  The first blocking rehearsal was with the Nuns.  It went quite well, and I…

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Gibson County Relay For Life

The Gibson County Relay for Life was last night through this morning.  As I have for the past 8 years, I went out to help Dave Kunkel Sound Service with the gig.  It’s always nice to have someone else there, when you are running the sound board + the computer.  I had a pretty good…

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The Mysterious Rock

A mysterious rock appeared at our house a couple days ago.  I found it on our porch.  It is a really nice garden rock with a quote in gold.  I had meant to ask Matt about it but didn’t have a chance to ask until this afternoon.  He didn’t put it there and I didn’t…

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