Thursday at the Fair – When it Rains…

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As the Morton Salt girls says… when it rains, it pours.  And boy did it…. It started raining about 6:30.  It rained out most of the motocross, but we did still have the talent show.  It was moved to the high school.  And as always, the auction was not affected.  It’s in the rain proof pavilion.

Prior to the talent show, a group of local belly dancers did an exhibition of some of their dancing.  A good friend of mine, Laci, is involved in the group.  They did a fantastic job, though I’m not sure that it was appropriate to do just prior to the youth talent show.  Some of the parents and grandparents who were arriving were a little confused as to whether they were in the correct location.


The talent show was very good this year. We had a lot of very talented kids this year.  I was expecially impressed with Max, the junior male soloist.  He did a fantastic job with his song, and was very funny.

The whole show was great though, there were some very impressive and creative performances at the show.


The best part of the evening was after the show.  It dried out enough to have the queen’s scavenger hunt.  It’s a fun little thing where we give the queens a clue and they use it to find the next one, and so on.  Of course, we have a little fun with it.

And even if we do scare them a little, the queens always have a blast and they get prizes when they finish.

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