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Book It!

Another month has gone by where I’ve only finished one book, but it was a good book. Soul Music Soul Music is the Terry Pratchett’s 16th novel about Discworld, and the 3rd to feature the anthropomorphic personification of death, who happens to be my favorite character on the Disc. In this particular novel, Death isn’t…

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Book It! – Ravens in the Library

Another month gone.  I can hardly stand how fast time seems to go as you get older.  It’s crazy.   National Library week falls in April, which I love to celebrate. And it was as good of an excuse as any to get a library card from my new local library. (I moved last fall and…

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Booklr Questions – What are your favorite book covers?

What are your favorite book covers? I am absolutely in love with Orion Publishing’s new hardcover imprints of Terry Pratchett’s Discworld novels. I might have even ordered one of them from the Book Depository the other day.  It was a copy of Good Omens, the only book in the collection that wasn’t a Discworld novel,…

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