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Another month has gone by where I’ve only finished one book, but it was a good book.

Soul Music

Soul Music is the Terry Pratchett’s 16th novel about Discworld, and the 3rd to feature the anthropomorphic personification of death, who happens to be my favorite character on the Disc. In this particular novel, Death isn’t really the main character.  It’s his granddaughter, Susan, and a group of musicians who play “Music with Rocks In” that we really follow.  

We see how Susan, as a human, deals with the difficulties of becoming the anthropomorphic personification of Death.  And how her humanity makes her want to save a musician who is supposed to die.  Only, Susan doesn’t save him.  Music saves him. Which, inevitably, leads to a lot of problems.

But this didn’t feel like magic. It felt a lot older than that. It felt like music.
― Terry Pratchett, Soul Music

If you’re looking for a good comedic read, or just enjoy fantasy, I highly recommend that you pick up this, or any of Pratchett’s books about Discworld. And get a pretty copy.  The Gollancz Imprint by Orion Publishing Co. is gorgeous.

Books I’m Actively Reading

Hopefully, you’ll see these books in the finished books section next month.

Your Books

What have you been reading lately?





  1. anna on September 26, 2017 at 6:36 am

    We’re friends on GR so you probably get my reviews and know what I’ve been reading. The reading slump wasn’t quite as bad this summer but I guess in hot weather I just don’t pick very well.

    • Andrea on September 26, 2017 at 8:31 am

      Then obviously you should start selecting books that sound terrible to you during the summer. They’ll probably be the good ones. 😉

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