Blocking The Sound Of Music

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Of course, I mean blocking in the theatrical sense.  We are still working on blocking scenes for the upcoming Gibson County Theatre Company production of The Sound of Music.  Though, “we” really has nothing to do with me in this case, I’m not even in the play, but I’ve been to every rehearsal so far.  I know, what could I possibly be thinking?

I’ve been taking photos of auditions and rehearsals and filling in as needed when cast members have to be gone.  So far, I’ve been “Kurt.” in music rehearsals; “Maria,” for blocking with the “Von Trapp Children;” and “Franz,” the butler.  It’s been a lot of fun.  Besides the action shots I’m taking, I am also in charge of the head shots for the production, which will be used in the program I also get to create.  I’m very surprised that as a new member I have been given so many responsibilities already.  I’m very excited about it.

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