Coloring in the Theatre

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We had rehearsals for Gibson County Theatre Company’s production of The Sound of Music last night.  The rehearsal went well.  It was the first night of blocking, and a total of 5 scenes were blocked by the end of the night.  The first blocking rehearsal was with the Nuns.  It went quite well, and I got a lot of good photos of the rehearsal. 

Blocking of Prayer

Blocking the Nun Chorus

When I went up to the crows’ nest to take photos, I even found some old graffiti from when I was in high school.  I’d dated it the fall of my freshman year, and I also found one that I believe to be my husband’s mark.  Of course, I’ve still got to ask him to verify.

My GraffitiMatt's Graffiti?

Once the nuns were done, the next blocking section brought Jessie, Max, Rick, Ruth, Andy and the director’s husband, Wes, who is playing the captain, and their children.  When they got there, I got to play with the kids.  It was actually pretty entertaining for the most part.  The director’s youngest son likes to take photos.  He actually took some really good ones.  But it certianly stressed his mom out that I let him hold my camera.

Photo of Jessie by Cade

Since she didn’t feel safe letting him do that, I went down to her classroom and picked up some markers and paper, and we drew pictures for most of the remainder of the rehearsal.  Of course, when I say “we,” I mean “I.”  He didn’t want to draw, he wanted someone else to draw pictures for him.  So, he told me what to draw and I drew it.  We drew different types of flowers, and trees and bushes, and when he got tierd of that we drew fish.

Fortunately, between drawing pictures and playing with the kids, I did manage to get some photos of the second blocking session.

Second blocking session

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