Looong Weekend

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This weekend was very busy. The Gibson County Antique Machinery Show was this weekend, as well as the first set construction for Gibson County Theatre Company’s production of The Sound of Music. Saturday was particularly busy for me.

I has a meeting at the house with a client at 9AM. I am currently working on a business card for him. Then I met Mary Kay, Matt’s mom, out at Decker’s U-Pick and picked about a gallon and a half of blueberries. We actually picked until we got kicked out, well not really kicked out, but they did come and tell us that they were closing. When we finished picking blueberries, I went out to the fairgrounds. I was just in time to participate in the Parade of Power, where all of the tractors go through and Dave talks about them for visitors. I drove Dad’s 1953 Golden Jubilee and Matt took the Dexta. Matt got himself a British flag for the Dexta. It used to belong to my Grampa. He bought it new in 1957. I’m told he got a good deal on it, because no one wanted to buy a British tractor.

After the Parade of Power, I called the Kiddie Pedal Pull. We have one up at the top of the Midway on both days of the Machinery Show. I managed to get a very bad sunburn, so I’ve been living on Ibuprofen since then. When I finished calling the pull, I went out to Set Construction for The Sound of Music. We got a lot done for both Willy Wonka and The Sound of Music. I was there until 7:30, but I did manage to make it back to the fairgrounds in time to watch the end of the Truck Pull.

This morning, I went back to the fairgrounds, and drove in the Parade of Power, but I hurt too bad to stand in the sun and call the pedal pull, so Dave was nice enough to do it today. I left early and went to Grama’s house this afternoon to visit. Scott and Susan were there, which was nice, and I got to play with Grama’s new iPad. That’s right… my grama is officially cooler than me.

I also got to go visit my dad. I think he liked the card I got him. It was about money, and who doesn’t love money? Everyone’s situations are different (which is why I always go to my dad when I need money because he has a lot more than me). It’s probably because he has recently decided to XRP kaufen shares (buy XRP shares) and he has just seen his money grow ever since. I keep thinking that maybe I should do the same, but where is the fun in that? I much prefer borrowing some off my dad (wink wink).

So, I knew for definite that he would love the card that I got for him. It read: “Relax, you work hard for my money…… I mean ‘your’ money” It was a recordable card, so I told him thanks for everything and that I loved him. Then it played “Money, money money money money….”

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