Saving Chickens

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I saved the life of a baby chicken today!  My neighbor, Bob, sells eggs, and because chickens produce best in their first year, he gets a new batch of chickens every year.  This year’s batch of baby chicks just came in the mail, and of course I had to go see them.

I decided to bring my camera with me, because chicks are cute fluffy little creatures.  But I digress…. Bob has a great place set up for his chicks, so that they have access to hot and cool, so they can regulate their temperatures.

There is a box over where the heat lamps set, and I wanted to take some photos of the back, and when I leaned over, I heard a scratching sound above me….  I thought my cat had gotten into the coop, but what did I find instead?  A baby chick that hadn’t made it out of the shipping box!  So, we got him out and got him some water and a little food and away he went.  He’s now a very happy little Road Island Red.

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