The Great Water Hunt

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So, today it took me a half hour to get a bottle of water.  Yes, I know, it’s simply a bottle of water… this should NOT be difficult, yet it was.

This afternoon, I went to take some photos at the nun chorus rehearsal for the Gibson County Theatre Company production of Sound of Music.  I happened to walk in with Sr. Kim, who is the music director.  She had just eaten something for dinner, which apparently had a lot of peppers in it, and needed some water, but since she needed to start rehearsal, she asked it I could get it.  No big deal at all.  Or so I thought.

So, I went and put my stuff in the choir room and then walked back down to the cafeteria to get her some water.  They have soda machines there, and one even has nothing but water.  Apparently, water in a bottle now costs $1.25.  I’m sure I should have know this, but of course, it didn’t occur to me.

I didn’t have any dollar bills, just some small change and a $50 bill.  So, I went all the way back out to my car, and counted out change for the water.  I had exactly one quarter in change and the rest in nickels and dimes.  After making sure I had enough change, I went back in to the cafeteria.  I put my change in… and it totaled $1.20, not $1.25.  So, next, I tried pennies.  Soda machines do not take pennies.  I was not going to try a $50 bill, so I went down the hall to the custodial break room, and had to ask for a nickel.  Fortunately the woman working had one….

I finially got that bottle of water.

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