One down, 179 days to go

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Well I made it through the first day. I definitely have an uphill battle. Basically to sum it up the last teacher didn’t do much. So these students have it in their head they’re gonna show up and screw around. So I’ve got that to fight. But that’s what I signed on to do. They needed someone to rebuild this program and I’m the man to do it. This is a big change from the fertilize company. I’m no longer in charge of my sprayer, it’s me and 100 other kids. I just keep looking at my old books. Mr. Potts did this, I can do this. That’s what he would tell me. The first years are the roughest. Stay tuned….


  1. Andrea on August 27, 2010 at 11:03 am

    I’m staying tuned, Matt… what now? What now? What with the title 179 days to go, I was hoping for a new post each day. 🙂 Oh well… go play with your tractor instead.

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