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I’ve been crazy busy lately handling marketing and advertising pieces for TOTGA (The One That Got Away).  We are doing T-Shirts, Promotional CDs, posters and table tents.  It’s a LOT of artwork… and that doesn’t even include the artwork and design stuff done for show props.

I had to create a newspaper with specific headlines for the show.  I have to admit the headlines were really entertaining, which made the project fun.  And who doesn’t like lorem ipsum filler text?

The local paper was even nice enough to replate their front page for us to have these printed.  They are pretty awesome.

I even got to create a comic book cover.  One of the characters in the play is pretty obsessed with his “Super Stallion” comic.

Our t-shirts are going to have Super Stallion on them too!  We’re getting texas orange tshirts with full color digital printing.  My hope is that the color on color will give us a wonderful vintage look.

The show posters were probably the most work.  For Jessie’s concept, we had to do a photo shoot. We shot the photos at the Princeton Country Club, where the show is being held.  Then I got to have some fun.  I came up with several iterations.  My first concept looked a lot like the old boyscout ads, but they just didn’t scream funny.  It needed color.  So that is exactly what it got.  I did some color overlays and painting to the photo to get our finished product.  I even got to design the logo for the show.

We used the poster design as a base for the table tents as well as a base for the design for the CD Sleeves, which I am currently working on.  I was even lucky enough to get access to a lightscribe burner, so that our CDs will have a real professional imprint on them. 🙂  I’ll post some photos of those soon.


  1. carla on August 27, 2010 at 12:50 pm

    Sounds like you have been super busy!!! See you tomorrow!

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