Perfume Bottle Collection

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This is part 3 of 5 of the collections challenge by Pixies and Bears. The challenge is to blog about a different collection you have every day for 5 days. Today, I’m going to tell you about my collection of perfume bottles.

I collect all sorts of perfume bottles, big ones, small ones, new ones, old ones. It started out as a collection on miniature perfume bottles, and most of my bottles are indeed, miniatures.

I have several collections which are actual sets from the manufacturer, and they might be worth a little money, who knows? Especially, since they still have the perfume/cologne inside of them. This doesn’t mean I’m not continuing to collect actual perfumes. In fact I enjoy testing the array of scents on the market today. The most recent one that is causing a craze are those fragrances from True Pheromones, girls are going mad for them because they use natural hormones to attract the opposite sex. They’re really clever if you ask me. I might have to find myself a bottle.

I do actually use some of the perfumes, though. And having all of the miniatures is a nice way to determine what kinds of perfume you really like. I think my two favorite perfumes are J. Del Pozo In Black (You can see this in the first photo, as the large black bottle with a puffer.) and Jean Paul Gaultier (This can also be seen in the first photo on the bottom left. JPG is the perfume in the round display case, with the female form.).

What is your favorite perfume/cologne fragrance?

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