Halloween – Back in Time

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Halloween is one of my favorite times of the year.  I love to get dressed up in ridiculious outfits, just for fun (see my new winter hat), but doing it for candy is even better.

My favorite Halloween costume of all time has to be my bunny suit that Mom had made for me.  I made a very cute little white rabbit.

Of course, I eventually grew out of it, and my sister, Kayla, got to wear it.

I guess Belle, from Beauty and the Beast was pretty awesome too…  I’m pretty sure I remember begging to get it. Over the years.  I’ve been just about everything.

I was a cowgirl.

And a pirate.  (I chose sides in the pirate vs. ninja battle early in life.)

But, even when I was “too cool” for most of the Halloween stuff (you will notice that I was not too cool to wear a rainbow striped tank with hawaiian print shorts), I still managed some kind of costume.

I think this was from Freshman year in High School, when I went as a “hick farmer”  If only I had known how I would come to love a farmer of my own.  And he does dress better than this (and has all of his teeth).

In college, I did the bunny thing again, but this time, the outfit covered a lot less… but that’s ok.  In college, I think we’re supposed to be a little bit crazy… not that I’ve ever lost that.

This year I’m very excited about my costume… not that I really have anywhere to wear it to.  I’m working a reunion on Saturday the 30th, and I’ve not heard if it’s costume themed or not.  But, I hope it is…. I really want to wear my wings.

That’s right… wings.

I’ve gotten myself some beautiful black wings.  I was originally planning to wear them with a black dress and do black lips and eyes and have a sort of “Angel of Death” thing going on, but I didn’t find a black dress that I liked for that look… but I did find a fantastical plaid skirt (yes… a school girl skirt – no jokes about my husband being a teacher please).  I’m thinking I will wear it with some black tights or fishnets (I haven’t decided) and a black top + wings.  Every outfit looks good with wings.

What are your plans for Halloween?  Will you be wearing a costume?

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