I Think I Need a Vacation

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I’ve been keeping pretty busy lately.  I made some new product for Etsy on Friday night and I helped DJ a Class Reunion on Saturday night, which was pretty fun.  I was also in change of taking the class picture. 

My Friday night was strictly an Etsy project night.  I got invited to a party down in Evansville, but I still wasn’t feeling too great, so I decided on just staying in and “relaxing” with my felts.

On top of having the dance on Saturday night, my Uncle Scott, Aunt Anna, and Cousin Ryan came down for the weekend, while Ryan was on Spring Break. Visiting with them, ended up taking up most of my Saturday, but I did make it to the bank to get change for the dance, and to F&M.

I was wearing my bear hat… and according to my cousin Kenny, who works there… I looked like an ewok. How awesome is that?

There were quite a few people at the reunion, which included a couple of my old teachers: Mr. Patterson, my 6th grade English/literature teacher; and Mrs. Hoffman, my middle school music and choir instructor.

Dave, was in this class, as well as, Bruce Byers, my accountant (OK… really his wife is my accountant, Bruce just gives me a hard time).

On Sunday, I got the class photo edited together, and got prints made.  I’ll be packing them for shipping tonight.  Fun, fun, fun.  That’s about all I did, yesterday tho… because I still haven’t quite gotten this stupid cold beaten.  The sinus drainage is still driving me crazy… but I am doing better than my husband.  He’s home sick today.

I’m not sure if I really got much accomplished or not.  What keeps you busy?  What all did you do this weekend?

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