I’m a Mess

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As the post title implies… I am a mess…. or if I’m not a mess, my house certainly is. My hubby says I’m a pack rat. I’d like to prove his wrong. My plan for this?

Declutter the house!

Step 1 – Get rid of unwanted/un-needed books. I have started this one already, by going through my cookbooks and copying out recipes for the many books that only have one or 2 recipes I use. I’m also going to go through my paperback books as well. I’ve been looking at Cheap rubbish removals Melbourne (or another company more local to me!) as I’ve got so much clutter that I need to get rid of. Books, newspapers, clothes etc. It’s driving me crazy!

Step 2 – Go though the mail at least once a week and get it off of the kitchen table. If you work from home or have a lot of important documents and receipts lying around, consider using some document management software. I have a friend who has her own business and I suggested she should use Neat scanner without software. She says it’s so much easier and her office is much less cluttered because of it!

Step 3 – Clean out the linen closet. It’s absolutely amazing how many towels one collects. We got towels for wedding gifts, plus all of the towels I ended up with from using them to pack stuff I was moving.

Step 4 – Speaking of stuff I was moving… I move a TON of stuff into the house with me. Both furniture and other items. I really need to go thru and get rid of the things I haven’t used since I moved in. And pare down the amount of furniture I have.

Step 5 – Pare down my crafting supplies. This will probably be the hardest things for me… I have a lot of crafting supplies. Expect me to have Matt or someone walk me through getting rid of that stuff… Otherwise, I’ll keep it forever. I’ve been looking at custom sheds so I think I’m going to buy one and store my craft supplies in there. I’m really into crafting so I don’t want to get rid of much, I’d rather store in instead.

Step 6 – Get rid of excess junk in the house.

Anyone have any ideas on easy ways to declutter?


  1. Laci on August 31, 2011 at 10:34 am

    I went vertical this year. Filled a room with bookshelves and filled the bookshelves with labeled totes. I made sure it was a basement room that no one needed to ever go in but me, and I stacked it floor to ceiling all the way around. I also had to get 4 of these. And this is after having a massive yard sale. Of course, I had to share it with comic books and video games. We call it the hobby room 🙂

    • Andrea on September 1, 2011 at 10:14 am

      I’d love to have one… but first it would require that the basement not be one gigantic space…. mostly, I need to clean things out. I cleaned out my closet the last time I did my monthly laundry day. I even went thru and got rid of some shoes I don’t wear any more. I’m sure that Good Will was happy. I need to go thru my crafting supplies, and quite a few other things, but first I want to get the couch moved in. I’m hoping that can get done some time this week. 🙂

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