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I’ve been looking for something to put me in a good mood lately. Redecorating seems like just the thing. Of course, before I started any renovations, I did my research. I knew that doing this would accumulate quite a substantial amount of mess, so I researched into companies similar to those that offer skip bins sydney way, to get appropriate waste disposal equipment ready before I did anything else. It’s amazing how much rubbish comes from redecorating, and from decluttering – I didn’t see myself as a hoarder untl now! I then looked into the different paint options that were available to give the room a fresh look but I opted for room accessories instead. Thankfully, sites like made that easy! Now I knew exactly where to find these accessories and how to get them. Now all I had to do was choose what I wanted.

I recently had a new idea to modernize our lounge… My friend told me she contacted some Home Cinema Installers in Berkshire and got a home cinema installed. She says her family love watching movies together so that might be our next project!! Don’t worry, I’m not redecorating the entire house, just the bedroom. I love shades of gray with a punch of color, enter my new duvet cover – Zen from Kohl’s.

As part of my redecorating project, I’ve also made up 2 new pieces of wall art from mirrored stickers and picture frames.

The thing that I like the best about these is how easy they will be to change out. Because the mirrored birds are adheared to the outside of the glass, I can easily change out the background of these, to match anything that I may want to put into the room, or to match any new location I should decide to put the frames in.

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