Brand New Furniture!

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The furniture I mentioned in my post about redecorating has finally been moved in! It’s very exciting. I had to compromise and put the couch back in the same place as the old one. I guess it’s only fair, since Matt did let me bring in the new furniture. What have I liked most so far? Mouse won’t set on the new furniture. I’m sure that will change soon, but for now, I don’t have to fight with kitty for a place to sit. If you’re looking to bring some change into your home and spruce up the place with some brand new furniture, taking a look online at some examples like these – – could help give you some inspiration.

I even found a great place for the hen and baby chicks from grama’s house.
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The vintage bookcase is working really well in Matt’s office. It used to live in Grama’s garage. I have to say that it cleans up well. A quick screw or two to reattach a leg, some Pledge and a good coating of Old English on the outside made a big difference. Only now, that bookshelf looks practically empty. I guess that says something about how ridiculusly small the other bookcase was.

Now…. if we could only finish getting things arranged.

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