Canning Squash

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I canned squash again this year.  Well… I canned a squash.  A 12 pound squash.

It was too heavy to weigh on my kitchen scale, and too light to weigh on the bathroom scale.  That meant that I had to weigh myself and then weigh myself again with the squash.  It works, but you don’t get to see the numbers.

After all of the difficulty cutting the spagetti squash last year, I borrowed a saw to cut up this one.

That’s right… someone let me use a saw… in the kitchen.
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I started by slicing off the neck and cutting it into sections.

Those pieces got put in the oven and we moved on to the bell of the squash.  It got cut in half, scooped out and divided again before going into the oven.  We saved the seed to dry for next year.

The squash set in the oven at 350 until it was tender.  Then we took it out and scooped the insides away from the rind.

The chunks of squash then got run thru my juice master.  Basically, you end up with mashed squash (about the same consistency as mashed potatoes).  This part is kind of gross.

Once that’s done, you just put them in cans, and pressure can the jars at 10psi.  It’s 65 minutes for pints and 85 minutes for quarts.



  1. Dave Kunkel on November 2, 2011 at 6:02 am

    Oh no! Andrea with a saw! and you sawed it up just like I told you. Nice feature. We made a couple of pies Sunday and I think they taste soooo much better than pies made with a Butternut squash. We used a blender to chop it up.

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