Christmas Decorating

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It’s that time of year again, the ground has started turning white, the roads are covered in slush and people are ringing bells at all the local stores.  That means it’s time to decorate for Christmas — well, almost.

Matt & I are getting a real tree again this year, and we are going to be heading up to Indy for the Farm Bureau Conference next weekend, so we won’t be getting our tree until after we get back.  But, since we’re going to be waiting so long to do the decorating, that means I can ask all of you out on the interwebs how you decorate your trees.

Now, normally my trees are covered with all sorts of sentimental ornaments.  You know, the kind that you made in school, or got as gifts.

I also have a lot of ornaments that we got as wedding presents.

There are even extra wedding favor ornaments on the tree.

Now, as much as I love all of my ornaments, I really have too many. That’s mostly because I had 2 decorated Christmas trees at my wedding.  Plus all of the leftover favor ornaments and my personal collection of ornaments.

I just wonder how all of you make room for all of your ornaments.  Do you have multiple trees?  Do you just put up part of your ornaments?

I’d love some ideas.


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