Straight No Chaser – Live in Concert

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Last weekend (December 17th to be exact) Mr. Mouse and I got a chance to see Straight No Chaser live in concert!  For those of you who have never heard of them before, SNC is an A Capella group from Indiana University.  The original members of the group have gone on to the big leagues, touring American and the UK.

We went to see the group at one of their performances at South Knox High School, in Vern.  For those of you who have NO IDEA where that is, it’s just outside of Vincennes, Indiana.    The group did performances there because one of their current members is a graduate of the school.

The group did several of my favorite songs, including Africa by Toto.  I thought the piano version we used in the wedding was great, but  SNC’s a capella version was amazing – beat box drums and all.

They also did a great version of The Grinch.

Of course, they saved the very best song for last… The 12 Days of Christmas was the encore.


  1. Sanju on May 25, 2012 at 10:17 am

    My huanbsd I went to see Straight No Chaser in Mobile on Monday the 3rd of May. They had my huanbsd laughing out loud many times during the show. and he really enjoyed the concert. This is amazing to me. My huanbsd is not a fan of A cappella music at all like I am. We had no musical instruments in church where I grew up at all. and to this day I still prefer hearing the blend of voices singing praises. It is a beautiful sound. And it makes my soul soar to hear Straight NO Chaser offer such beautiful renditions of songs as they do. We will be attending at least 3 more concerts this year of them. I can hardly wait. 🙂

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