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Those of you who follow me on Twitter might have noticed my posts lately about Boys Before Flowers.  It is based on Japanese shōjo manga series, Boys Over Flowers, written by Yoko Kamio. The Korean series, that I watched, is actually the fifth television adaptation of the manga – but from reviews I have seen of the others, it’s the best.

I actually stated watching this show over a year ago, and ended up taking a break from it.  It’s one of those shows that is written beautifully, but has an extremely frustrating story line.  I had to step away as to not spend a solid week watching all the episodes at once.  Well… it found it’s way into my list of recommended shows on Hulu again… so I had a small obsessive moment and watched all of it.  Well worth my time.

The Story Line is Great

It’s a pretty common starting point, something from a fairy tale.  Poor girl meets rich boy and they fall for each other.  Of course, there has to be more to the story to make it worth 25 full hour long episodes.  Our poor girl, Geum JanDi, has a lot of character, she’s caring, hard-working, and very outspoken.  It causes a lot of issues for her when she originally meets her leading man, Goo JunPyo.  Why?  He’s your typical plutocrat, who looks down on those who aren’t of his class… and he’s a bit of a jerk – just like the rest of his friends the F4 (or Flower Four).  Without giving away too much, the story starts out with the daughter of a dry cleaner dropping off a suit to a fancy private school, where she proceeds to save a boy who is trying to commit suicide by jumping off the roof – and of course, F4 are to blame for giving him such a hard time.  By saving the boy’s life she ends up getting a scholarship to attend the school, and the vengeance of F4.  The story develops from there as she fights with them, and eventually wins them over.  But winning the F4 over isn’t enough.  It wouldn’t be a Korean Drama without a horrible mother who thinks you aren’t good enough.  And on top of the evil mother, all sorts of circumstances develop to keep them apart.  It was frustrating – I yelled at my computer screen a lot – but still worth watching, as long as you don’t mind subtitles.

The Fashion

As you may have noticed from my Fashion Fridays posts, I like fashion, and this show has a lot of it.  There’s not a ton of fashion I love on the women, but the men is another story entirely.  Now, I know that my husband won’t be wearing suits everyday in this lifetime.  I’m lucky that he owns one (he wears it to weddings).   But a girl can dream right?  And what better way to dream to to see some very attractive men wear 200+ suits in 25 episodes.

The Music

Ok, this isn’t American Idol, so why watch the show for the music?  It’s full of great pop music.  And, no, I don’t normally listen to pop music, but there’s something about K-Pop (Korean Pop)  – and J-Pop … and really any Asian Pop – which is amazing.  It will get stuck in your head for days.  And this show has quite a bit of good K-Pop.  The show has 3 official soundtracks.  Music on them includes:

  1. Paradise – T-Max
  2. Because I’m Stupid – SS501
  3. Do You Know – Someday
  4. Stand By Me – SHINee
  5. Lucky – Ashily
  6. Starlight Tears – Kim Yoo Kyung
  7. A Little – Suh Jin Young
  8. One More Time – Tree Bicycles
  9. I Know (Saxophone Inst.) – Lee Jung Sik
  10. Dance with me (Inst.)
  11. Blue Flower (Inst.)
  12. So sad (Inst.)
  13. Opening Title (Paradise Intro.) – T-Max
  14. Say Yes – T-Max
  15. Wish Ur My Love – T-Max feat. J
  16. Yearning Heart – A’ST1
  17. Making A Lover – SS501
  18. What Should I Do – Jisun
  19. Love Is Fire – Kara
  20. Love U – Howl
  21. Almost Like Love – Brand New Day
  22. Tears Are Falling – Lee Sang Gon
  23. Cellogic (Inst.) – Kim Young Min
  24. 다가가다 (Inst.)/Approach (Inst.) – Dong Yo
  25. Stranger Sun (Inst.) – Park Hye Ri
  26. For The Sake Of Love (Inst.) – Park Hye Ri
  27. A Thing Called Happiness – Kim Hyun Joong
  28. Something Happened To My Heart – A&T (A’st1 & T-Max)
  29. Fight The Bad Feeling (Ballad Ver.) – T-MAX
  30. Fight The Bad Feeling (Dance Ver.) – T-MAX
  31. Fight The Bad Feeling (Club Ver.) – T-Max
  32. Emptiness – Kim Joon of T-MAX
  33. I’m Going To Meet Her Now – Kim Bum
  34. A Heart Cannot Be Hidden – Lee Ji Hye
  35. Bang Bang Boom – T-MAX
  36. My Everything – Lee Min Ho

But, past all of the K-Pop on the soundtracks, the show also includes some great American music.  There’s a great runway scene that features Remember the Name by Ft. Minor.

 Other Great Asian Dramas

Boys Before Flowers isn’t my first foray into the world of Asian drama.  I’ve also watched Coffee Prince  and My Lovely Sam Soon in it’s entirety.  They were both just as addicting.  And I’m also partially though another Korean Drama called Pasta.

The next show I plan to watch, via recommendation from a friend is called City Hunter.

Have you ever watched a Korean Drama?  What did you like about it?  What could have been better?

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