Separating the Sheep from the Goats

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This week, we’re going to cover Chapter #5 of Julia Rothman’s book, Farm Anatomy.  It is, at 64 pages, the longest chapter in the book.  This chapter is all about animals, covering:

  • animal terms
  • parts of a rooster
  • comb styles
  • chicken breeds
  • fresh eggs
  • duck and goose breeds
  • heritage turkeys
  • parts of a beef animal
  • how a cow’s stomach works
  • cow breeds
  • how to milk a cow
  • parts of a goat
  • goat breeds
  • hoof trimming
  • knots
  • parts of a horse
  • horse markings and tail styles
  • parts of a hoof
  • draft horse breeds
  • draft harness
  • mules
  • parts of a pig
  • pig breeds
  • livestock water consumption
  • parts of a sheep
  • sheep breeds
  • shearing sheep
  • parts of a rabbit
  • rabbit breeds
  • rabbit coat types
  • parts of a bee
  • anatomy of a beehive

As you can tell from the massive list, that Rothman provided at the beginning of the book, this chapter has a lot of information.

The first section in this chapter is all about Chickens.  I was particularly interested in this chapter because our next door neighbor raises chickens for the purpose of selling eggs.  He actually buys new chicks each year, and sells the old chickens.

This chapter also has some great  diagrams of the animals.  Of course, I like bunnies, so that’s the illustration I’m going to show you.  But don’t worry, there are plenty of useful diagrams and illustrations of cattle, swine, and horses, too.

While there is no way this could be a completely thorough listing, I felt like this chapter makes an extremely useful reference of breed types.  If you’re following along in your book, which animal did you learn the most about?

Remember to come back next week, when I’ll be discussion chapter 6, Country Wining and Dining.

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