Easter Roundup

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Easter is coming up in just 2 weeks.  I guess that means I should get on the band wagon and consider doing a little decorating for the holiday.  Thanks to Pinterest, I have a nice little board full of holiday ideas.

The people at Southern Living seem to have been most helpful in my search for ideas for the holiday.  Granted, I’m not planning on hosting a dinner for Easter, but I love all of the place setting variations on nests.

Source: Southern Living

Of course, the biggest problem at my house (aside from the mess it’s always in) is trying to decide if I want to decorate in muted tones and neutrals or in bright vivid colors.  I love both, but they don’t work terribly well together.  Take this pretty floral arrangement using jellybeans and peeps:

Source: 24/7 Moms

It’s super fun and awesome.  It would also go great with this tablescape idea from Southern Living:

Source: Southern Living

The only problem is that I’m also in love with this tablescape, also from Southern Living (I think I may have an issue):

Source: Southern Living

that I would love to pair with an egg vase a’ la Grin & Bake It.

Do you have any plans for your Easter Decorating? What style works best in your home?

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