It’s a sparkly cookie sort of day.

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So… it’s about an hour after lunch, and I feel like something sweet.  Granted, I’ve got some Girl Scout Thin Mints I could snack on.  But that’s not what they are for.  They’re for making homemade blizzards – if Matt doesn’t eat them all first.  That’s why I’m always super glad to have cookie dough in the freezer.

Today felt like a sparkly cookie sort of day, so I busted out some of my Sweetopia Sugar Cookie Dough from the freezer.  To make it easy to use when I need it, I pre-roll it in a jelly roll pan and refrigerate it for a couple hours.  Then I cut it in quarters and zip-loc it.  That get’s stored in my freezer for quick thawing easy to work with cookie dough.

But today I just didn’t feel like rolling and cutting and icing.  That means it was time for the sanding sugar.  You know, the big pieces of colored sugar.  You can get them in any color your want (and even flavored) but I like the regular flavored, mixed color sugar.

To make my cookies, I pull off sections of the dough and roll into quarter sized balls.  Then I roll those balls in my sanding sugar.  After the sanding sugar I put them on my tray and flatten with the bottom of a drinking glass. (To keep the dough from sticking, I dip my glass in the sugar between flattening – it also means more sugar on my cookies.)

This leaves me with Great American Cookie Co. style sugar cookies.  Assuming I don’t over-bake them, they’re super yummy.

Do you ever make cookie dough to keep in the freezer?  What’s your favorite type of cookie to keep in the freezer for quick fresh cookies?


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