Birthday Shopping

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I love my husband, but I have decided that he is officially the hardest person to shop for – ever.  I went down to Evansville, after work, earlier this week to find him something for his birthday.  I started out at Barnes & Noble, thinking I might pick him up a book or two.  He really likes those Shaara books, like Killer Angels.

Source: via Andrea on Pinterest

My problem…. he has all of the civil war books.  I could get him some of the books from the other series.  But, of course, while I was there I couldn’t for the life of me remember which of those he had.

I finally gave up looking for books, and went to Sears.  I wandered around the tools, but couldn’t come up with anything I thought he could use.  Then it hit me.  Go to RaJo’s and get him something to use with his guns!  I know, I’m a genius right?  So, I drove to the other side of town.  I got to RaJo’s about 10 after 6.  Guess what?  They close at 5:30 on Wednesdays.

I finally ended up going out to Gander Mountain and picking him up a couple of things.  I’m not terribly excited about what I found, but I think he’ll like them.

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