Stocking Wreath

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I found a great wreath idea on the Midwest Living site last year.

It’s a spring wreath using an umbrella, but it gave me the idea to make a wreath from a stocking.

My wreath is currently hanging out  on my fake ficus tree at work, but I’ll take it home when the office closes for Christmas Break.

This was a super easy and inexpensive project.  It uses a stocking, faux holly, poinsettas, and sparkly pinecones, plus some gold tinsel filling and a little wooden nutcracker.  I purchased all of this stuff at the local dollar store, so the project cost less than $10 to make.


To make one yourself:

  • Fill your stocking with tinsel.  It will help your stocking keep it’s shape, and can be pulled through the top to help fill out the wreath.
  • Next take your holly and place several of the branches.  These will be the basic filler for your wreath.
  • Take 2 or 3 poinsettias and add them to your stocking.
  • Add a couple of glittery pine cones.
  • Find a nice little home for your little nutcracker.
  • And last, but not least, pull a little of the tinsel up to help fill everything in.

There you have it.  No tape, glue, wire, or other tools.  Just fill and display.

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