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I’ve been working on the fit of my Bombshell Bodice for a couple of weeks now (along with a few other projects of course).  I’ve got the fit almost perfect, so I figured it was time to find my zipper.  Lucky me, since I’m making a top instead of a dress, I need a separating zipper – that’s the kind that will come apart at the bottom.  Well, guess what?  Apparently they don’t come in orange.  I checked at my favorite local sewing shop, Hobby Lobby, JoAnn’s, and even online. No one had an orange separating zipper.

Ok. So what are my options?  I could use a white zipper. Nope, that would ruin the look. I could dye a zipper orange. Nope, it would be messy, and wouldn’t change the color of the teeth. I could do up the back with traditional hooks and eyes. Nope, I’d never get it on.

My solution? Grommets. Or maybe you prefer the term eyelets.  Basically my plan (if I never find that zipper) is to add a row of grommets down each side of the back closure and run it through with some pretty orange organza ribbon.

It would be more like a traditional corset, which is great, but I don’t know if I’ll be able to get on and off by myself.   So I would still rather do this one with an orange separating zipper.  If you have one, or know where I can get one, let me know.

UPDATE – Thanks to my wonderful internet friends, I think I have found an orange zipper that will work!

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