The First Day of Summer

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Today is officially the first day of summer, which means it’s also the first official day of the Summer of No Pants 2013.  I did up all my official SONP2013 sewing projects before the start of summer, but now it’s time to wear them.

butterfly dress

I am taking on the almost impossible goal of not wearing pants (or shorts) all summer.  I say that’s almost impossible because of fair week, and the fact that my husband farms. Can you see me on a tractor in a skirt?  I guess we’ll find out.

navy pencil skirt

I’m planning to do a post each week this summer about the different outfits I’ve worn and any difficulties I had with not wearing pants.  I really doubt there will be many.  I’ve been wearing dresses and skirts almost exclusively since the sewing part of the challenge started.  I figured it would be good practice for the summer.  Why don’t you join me?  Get out your skirts and dresses to help bring sexy back to your wardrobe.

pencil skirt

butterfly circle skirt


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