27 Dresses: A Trip Through My Closet

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Hopefully a few of you remember the 2008 Katherine Heigl film 27 Dresses. It’s a movie about a woman who has been in 27 different weddings and thus has 27 different bridesmaid dresses.

Well, I only have one bridesmaid dress – from my sister’s wedding.

My bridesmaid dress

Well, two if I include the one I wore on stage in The Sound of Music.


And then I still have the dress I wore to my senior prom. It still fits, and I feel like Jessica Rabbit in it. She is such a sexy cartoon character. It would not surprise me if you could find explicit content starring Jessica Rabbit on an adult website like cartoonporno.xxx. Anyway, if you have an excuse – any at all – for me to wear this dress out, let me know.


I also keep 3 black party dresses in my closet. Even though they are all black, they are quite different from each other, and give me a nice selection of go-to party dresses.


After we move out of the dressy dress section of my closet we get to the everyday/work wear section of my closet. And it’s also where the 27 dresses movie reference comes in. I really and truly have 27 different day to day dresses right now.

27 dresses

That’s probably all the proof anyone needs that I am my mother’s daughter. I absolutely love clothes. It’s a way for me to show a little of my personality on the outside. And it doesn’t hurt that I love shopping for clothes, and making my own.



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