Selfish Sewing Week

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So apparently next week is Selfish Sewing Week.  That means doing sewing for you and not for other people.  I sort of find this funny, because I always sew for me.  Maybe if I had kids I sewed for, like some of my friends, this would be an interesting derivative from the norm, but around here that means another week just like the others.  And you know what, I’m OK with that.  I mean, who doesn’t love an excuse to do something for themselves?

And hey, maybe I could convince myself that “Selfish Sewing Week” means I have an excuse to buy some of the amazing fashion fabrics I’ve been eying lately.  You know, those super expensive ones.


Though for some reason, I think it would still be difficult for me to spend an $80/yard on fabrics, even if they are amazingly beautiful.  Maybe that means I should pick up some fabric for another themed crazy quilt. And no, I’m not done with my steampunk themed crazy quilt yet, but I’ve already been thinking about other themed quilts.

Maybe one for Halloween, featuring some fabulous fabrics.


Of course, I certainly couldn’t finish a Halloween themed crazy quilt between now and the end of October, even if I started today.  So, I think I should wait and see what amazing Halloween prints I can pick up on clearance after October.

That leaves Christmas.  Can I get one done between now and Christmas? Probably.  Could I get it quilted?  Probably not.  So maybe my selfish sewing should just be what it always is, and I should spend more time focusing on the quilt I’m currently working on.  It’s officially a quarter complete.  If I can stop finding more embellishments to add, that is.

Are you going to sew for yourself next week?  What fabulous projects do you have in mind?

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