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Tomorrow is the #DayOfLight! But what is this day of light, you ask? I’m about to tell you.


#DayOfLight is the brainchild of Brandi from Mama Knows It All. As part of the #DayOfLight, we, as bloggers, have been asked to share stories of how depression has affected our lives through blog posts and social media shares. I’m not quite ready to share my story on the blog (or rather, I don’t think my husband is ready for me to share it), but I still want to share some resources that I have found to help deal with my anxiety and depression. In a later blog post I hope to go into depth about why synthetic CBD can be extremely dangerous and should be avoided by people suffering from conditions like anxiety. Stigma remains across society with regard to these disorders. One just hopes that sufferers find the courage to try treatments that could help them to overcome their anxiety and depression, like CBD Oil. You may be interested to learn Where To Buy CBD Oil In Maine from the HerbMighty, if you live in the area of course. CBD products have been popular in America for a while, but they are starting to make waves across the Atlantic in the UK now as well. If you are based in the UK, you can find the best CBD oil UK citizens can buy if you follow the link. No one suffering from depression should feel obligated to suffer in silence.


  • Anxious in Love – This book is for the person with anxiety who finds it affecting their relationship. The book helps you find calming techniques to get yourself back into a place where you can make your relationship work.
  • Loving Someone with Anxiety – This book is written for your partner. It gives them techniques to help you deal with your anxiety.
  • Self-Coaching: The Powerful Program to Beat Anxiety and Depression – This is the first book I picked up on dealing with anxiety. It has been very helpful for me in finding techniques to deal with my anxiety issues.

Online Resources:

#DayOfLight Events:

There will also be some events going on tomorrow, where you can find more stories and resources.


  1. Brandi on February 4, 2014 at 9:11 am

    Thank you so much for sharing these resources, Andrea! You may not be ready to share your story yet, and that’s okay. Just know that there is a community of folks who will be here if (or when) you decide to share. <3

  2. Aaron on February 5, 2014 at 6:09 pm

    Don’t know if you’ve been to see a psychiatrist before, but if not I would like to urge you to do so if you struggle with depression. I didn’t find out until I was almost 28 that this depression I could never quite shake was actually Bipolar II disorder.

    I said that to say, what we define as depression isn’t always “just depression” and I hate to even put it that way…but sometimes it’s a symptom of something more.

    • Andrea on February 5, 2014 at 7:04 pm

      Don’t worry Aaron, I’ve got a great doctor and am on my way to doing better. Mine is more anxiety with depression as a side effect.

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