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As a sewist, and general creative person, I find that I need some background noise while I work. A little something to distract from all of the other ideas floating around in my head. I have a playlist that I love to listen to when I’m sewing, and another that I listen to when I program. I always use Graham Slee HiFi equipment as poor sound quality is my pet hate especially when I’m sewing! So today, I thought I’d share a few of the songs that get me in the mood for sewing.


The first is a song from Atlas Genuis’ When It Was Now album. The back beat of “Trojans” keeps me in the mood to work, while the melody is very happy and relaxing. And when I listen to this song I really do want to

Take a look
Take a picture you could never recreate

Let It Go

The next song I want to share is “Let It Go” from The Neighbourhood’s I Love You album. This song also has a great beat and a message I sometimes need to hear when I’m sewing to distract my anxious mind.

Couldn’t quite see what the future held
And as days went by it would tell itself.

Tin Man

Song #3 is from Animal Kingdom’s Signs and Wonders album. “Tin Man,” like the other songs in my list, starts with a great beat. But this song seems more of a love anthem than most songs on my list – an 80s hair ballad with an indie twist.

Tell me if it’s love
Cause Baby I’m a tin man
Since you took my heart
I’ve gotta missing part.

Only The Brave

“Only the Brave” from The Last Royals’ Twistification album is so much fun. And as I’m making this list, I realize that most of my songs are love songs in some way or another. But then, aren’t most songs.

And don’t say that we were young, ’cause I don’t care
It’s only the young who play truth or dare
It’s only the brave who stand and swear, so tell me why

Take a Walk

“Take a Walk” is from Passion Pit’s Gossamer album. It’s the catchiest story about life falling apart that I’ve ever heard. And somehow manages to always make me feel better about the things that have gone wrong in my life.

But see I am no criminal
I’m down on both bad knees
I’m just too much a coward to admit when I’m in need
I took a walk

Things We Lost in the Fire

Most people have heard of Bastille because of their song “Pompeii” being featured on Glee. And while I enjoy “Pompeii,” my favorite song from Bastille’s Bad Blood album is “Things We Lost in the Fire.”

I read them all one day
When loneliness came and you were away
Oh they told me nothing new,
But I love to read the words you used
These are the things, the things we lost
The things we lost in the fire fire fire

More Songs

If any of these songs spark your creativity, you are welcome to pursue my full Spotify album.

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