#NaBloPoMo – Like it was in 3D

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Because of my choice in college degrees, I’ve had access to 3D technology for a long time.  In college, we used 3D scanners that would scan and collect data from 3d objects and create a digital 3D model that could be manipulated for animation.


Of course, now things are going the other way, you can design something in 3 dimensions and have it printed out.


There are a lot of reasons that this is great technology, however until they start replicating my food, it’s not something I see myself using in everyday life. And it’s certainly not something I plan to use in my art. That’s probably one of few ways in which I’m old-fashioned. Part of crafting something is making things on your own and not letting someone or something else create for you.

Now, if I were like some of my friends who’s names appear in the credits of 3D animated movies, I would feel very differently about this, because for them, the creation is in designing that 3D object and I can’t think of anything cooler than having my own 3D creation printed into reality.

Tangled Paint Fix screenshot Jac Piette

Screen shot from Tangled that included Paint Fix work by, college friend, Jac Piette. How cool would a 3D print of this be?

Alas, this is not where my talents lie, so I will continue to create in my own more primitive way. How do you create? Do you work with technologies like 3D printers or keep things “old school”?


  1. anna on February 10, 2015 at 2:37 pm

    I am such a dinosaur. I only learned to use the computer because I typed 65 wpm. I just about learned to programme the VCR when DH bought the DVD recorder–and that was over a decade ago!! Still haven’t learned to record on that!
    I am happiest with slow food, slow sewing, hand quilting, and would love more paper books if not for space and climate limitations. What can I say, I have a 19th century mind in a 21st century world. I do love the Internet though, my “window on the world.”

    • Andrea on February 12, 2015 at 10:35 am

      The internet is an amazing thing! It’s allowed me to meet amazing people (like you!) and learn about things I never would here in rural America.

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